React is
an ecosystem

The best fit for your project isn't simply someone who stays ahead of the curve, but someone who delivers on tight timelines and tough budgets.

That's why I work from home. Because I understand the JavaScript world, but I also understand your needs.

Assets for iOS, Apple TV, and Web

iOS, Apple TV, and Web applications for Assets all built with React and React Native. This application was intended for designers and photographers to upload the work and get feedback from clients.

ReactReact NativeJavaScriptNode

HomScout - Mobile Lead Generation

HomScout was a React Native mobile app designed for canvassers who needed leads on their roofing projects.

React NativeJavaScriptNode

Reeviewr - Free Music Feedback

Reeviewr is simple. Review a song to post a song. Everybody gets the feedback and attention they deserve, and it's completely free.

Web Sites?

React may be my bread and butter, but I have also designed and developed the following web sites:


  • Semantic MarkupSEO and accessibility oriented HTML
  • SASS / CSS processorsModern styles with helpers, functions, and variables
  • Front-End JavaScript ES7+jQuery, React, React Native, Angular, AngularJS, Babel, Webpack, Gulp
  • Back-End JavaScriptTypeScript, Node, Express, GraphQL, Prisma, SSR, NPM, Yarn
  • OtherVariable Fonts, CSS Grid, Web VR, SVGs, etc


  • Developer ExperienceDevOps, QA processes, GIT version control, Pipelines, automated unit testing
  • Quality ControlSecurity controls, Performance diagnostics, Scalable architectures
  • Development ToolsVS Code, WebStorm, Terminal, Sequel Pro, Homebrew, XCode
  • Collaboration ToolsAtlassian, Github, Asana, Trello, InVision, Slack, etc
  • Design ToolsSketch, Photoshop, Illustrator